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The method and Pedagogy at Attain Medica is based around the principles of Successive Exposure, Progressive Assessment and Remediation,

  1. The Successive Exposure Principle recognizes that intricate subjects with inter-linkages with other subjects require multiple passes for deeper understanding. At least 3 passes are typically required for effective clarity, cognizance and retention. High-achiever students typically undergo 4+ passes of their syllabi as they prepare for their success. At Attain Medica the Courses are designed for progressive exposure to students based on their level and exit-gate, and aim for 5+ exposures to syllabi-topics, spread judiciously over an extended period of time. The combination of College study, Week-end classes, week day classes, Hot-Spot Sessions, Review Modules and our Comprehenice Assessment Program create the opportunity for 4-5 passes of the syllabus. Aspirants joining the 3 year comprehensive (combo) program have additional advantage subject exposure for 2 more years, in a smooth and steady manner, lending better clarity and grip on the subject matter.

  2. Attain’s unique Assessment Program includes:
    a. Review and Recall Quiz (RRQ)
    b. Weekly Subject Tests.
    c. Pre-Session Subject Mock tests during RM1 of Crescendo Program
    d. Full Length Mock Tests during RM2 of Crescendo Program

    This multi-step progressive assessment is a well-structured program which at the formative level assesses student’s immediate comprehension of taught subject matter through Review and Recall Quiz (RRQ). The WSTs serve to re-fresh the subject recall and comprehension through challenging questions in the proximate period. This is followed up by (Pre-Session and Full Length) Subject Mock Tests during the Revisionary phases. In all Attain’s Comprehensive Assessment Program is intensive and instructive in orientation and implementation.

  3. The Hot Spot Sessions are designed to create exclusive focus on topics with higher level of difficulty or are deemed important or ‘foundational’ in nature.
In addition to this there are several innovative methods and approaches interwoven in Attain’s pedagogy which will make the classes interesting, exciting and rewarding

Class Review Facility

Attain Medica will be providing Missed-Class support or Class-Review Facility (CRF) at its centers. Past classes will be available at the centers for registered students to view. CRF will be available on a scheduled basis for the previous week’s class. For instance, Saturday class will be available in two parts on Monday and Tuesday, while Sunday class will be available on Thursday and Friday respectively. The classes will be available in the evening hours and timing can be determined in consultation with Center’s administration.
Past classes can also be reviewed on request basis, subject to availability, student-request and agreement with the Center administration.

Class Review Facility is a wonderful and very useful tool which will allow students to:
a) recoup any lost opportunity to attend the classes
b) refresh their memory on taught topics.
c) complete their notes and build further on them
d) gain deeper knowledge and comprehension of the subject

To optimally benefit from CRF, students may follow the following strategies:

  1. Read the subject before coming to the class, This will activate their pre-knowledge on the subject.
  2. Write down any questions that come to their mind on a separate paper and evaluate if any significant ones remain unanswered event at the end of the session. Send a well framed query to Attain’s helpdesk. Search for the answers in Attain’s study material or reference guides and note down the responses for later reference. Inter alia a compilation of this work will be handy at the time of exams.
  3. During live class, leave large spaces in your note book while takeing notes. Fill these notes after the class from recall. Review and improve these notes during CRF.


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