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Class of Forensic Medicine & Anesthesia

After the successful class of Pharmacology team ATTAIN MEDICA was geared up to deliver the next sessions of Forensic Medicine and Anesthesia. Students who attended the first session of Pharmacology came along with many of their friends and colleagues. It was quite nice to witness the enthusiasm of students coming in to study. First session was of Forensic Medicine in which 85 questions were discussed in a span of 4 hours. All topics including Indian Legal System, Thanantology, Identification, Mechanical Asphyxia including Drowning, Injuries And Its Medico-legal Aspects (Mechanical Injuries, Firearm Injuries And Burns), Infanticide, Forensic Psychiatry (Mental Health Act), Impotence, Sterility And Artificial Insemination, Forensic  Toxicology, Sexual Offences And Perversions, Important Acts like Transplantation of Human Organ Act, MTP Act, PNDT ACT, World Health Assembly Declarations in Respect To Medical Concerns and Trace Evidences were discussed. Excellent command over subject, lucid way of explanation and years of teaching experience were instrumental in holding the interest of students throughout the session.

Next session was on Anesthesia which was taken by a fairly experienced faculty. During his lecture he made use of power point presentation which was liked by students. Explanation of 70 questions covering Inhalational Agents , Induction Agents and Adjutants , Premedication, Analgesics, Muscle Relaxants, Local Anesthetic Agents, Regional Anesthesia- Types, Spinal, Epidural , Caudal, IVRA, Nerve blocks , Machines and Equipments , Critical Care and CPR was given in details. Session lasted for more than 4 hours. Students came out of class with beaming faces. Feedback forms filled by students were encouraging for us to move ahead in this endeavor. Students and centers alike, are keenly looking forward to the next session of Surgery scheduled on 28th July 2013..
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