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Ques.1. Who are you?
Ans.1. Attain Medica is the 1st initiative in the country to offer HD-quality VSAT based coaching to medical aspirants. The founders of Attain Education have successfully established and operated a 100+-center network which benefitted over 100,000 outlying students over a 4 year period. Now the same capabilities and benefits are available to PG medical aspirants.

Ques.2. How will you teach us?
Ans.2. The Faculty will teach you just as in any regular class. The Faculty will follow easy-to-understand educational practices and tools as such whiteboard and AV aids to teach and detail the concepts. They can see and hear you as in a regular class. Students can listen and see the Faculty, as well as and probably even better than in a regular class. Through Attain’s Virtual Face-to-Face platform, students are supported by interactive relay chat, Mic. query, e-tutoring, academic help desk etc., thereby ensuring complete satisfaction and support to them at this crucial time.

Ques.3. What is a Tele- education network?
Ans.3. The network comprises of a central studio and a set of remote classrooms connected through a unique architecture of Satellite and Internet links. Renowned Faculties are able to reach a larger audience through this medium, and share their unique knowledge and experience far and wide.

Ques.4. Will we be able to ask our queries?
Ans.4. Yes, you can speak to the Faculty. Also queries can be addressed via real time chat. The Faculty can see and hear you and respond to your doubts and queries as if in a live class. Your interaction may also be shared with the entire audience so that everybody can benefit at the same time from common questions.

Ques.5. Who will be our faculty?
Ans.5. Attain Medica has painstakingly assembled an enviable quorum of highly reputed and experienced faculties in the domain. They are products of AIIMS, LHMC, MAMC, UCMS and such other reputed institutes. Many of our senior faculties have taught and practicedfor several years at leading institutes in the country,whileour younger colleagues enjoy the advantage of youth, recent knowledge and unbounded enthusiasm. All have outstanding credentials to their name, deep knowledge of subject, passion for teaching and a thorough understanding of question-orientation, exam pattern, and what-it-takes-to-succeed.

Ques.6. What are your course offerings?
Ans.6. For Prof 3 we have Early Start (1-year program) and the 3YCP (3-year combo program). For Prof 4 we have Final Step (1-year) and 2YCP (2-year combo program) and for Interns and Post Interns we have Pinnacle and Crescendo Programs. For students opting for self-study and just-assessments we have the AMTS (Attain Medica Test Series).

Ques.7. How many Tests and Assessments will be done?
Ans.7. In each weekend class, in addition to subject teaching, there will be 75-100 RRQ-MCQs interspersed during the class. Each week we will hold a Subject Test of 100 MCQs, In RM1 we will hold tests for over 5000 MCQs, in RM2 we will expose students to approximately 10,000 MCQs.Apart from this regular assignment and Practice Tests will be given on Attain’s Learning Management System.

Ques.8. What is Attain Medica Test Series?
Ans.8. AMTS is a separate Test Series offered to aspirants who wish to take only-assessments. AMTS includes 50+ subject Tests each of 100 MCQs. Tests will be done on Pen-and-paper mode while the detailed topic wise Subject Performance Dashboard will be available to student on their login.

Ques.9. Why only 100 questions and not more be asked?
Ans.9. For some subjects you may get a test of more than 100 questions too. This will be in the interest of adequate coverage of course.

Ques.10. Will you be offering us individual support as well?
Ans.10. Yes, through our RTCS method special remedial classes will be organized periodically. These will be small group interactions over the Net, and will endeavor to answer all queries and doubts of the students.

Ques.11. Will I be able to interact with faculty as in a physical class?
Ans.11. Yes,the Virtual Face-to-face medium enables you to interact with the faculty just as you would in a regular class. Queries can be put in the form of chat or talk both. Faculty would answer the queries by speaking to you on the medium.

Ques.12. What would be the pattern of questions asked?
Ans.12. Question paper is broadly designed as per MCI/NBE guideline for examination pattern. The question paper will be designed for appropriate coverage and difficulty level. Emphasis is on selection of relevant questions, which while are reflective of the recent trend of SLQs, can also be analyzed at length, in the class. The objective is to provide a wholesome analysis of the key subject-topics while ensuring broad coverage of the entire subject.

Ques.13.  What are your USPs’?
Ans.13. Through the VF2F platform we are able to reach and serve the PG-Medical aspirants as never before. A wholesome quorum of talented faculty, strong study material support, optimum teaching pattern, in-class testing through RRQ, individual in-person and on-netfeedback, Successive Exposure method, Class Review and Missed Class Support, Multi-tier study programs coherent with the ongoing prof-syllabus, more coverage, more-hours than others, Hot-Spot Session based pre-knowledge video series for select subjects, class notes in form of mind maps for tough topics, and many more valuable facets.
In addition, competitive pricing, convenience of close-to-college location and a help desk to sort out your queries and issues will go a long way to help you achieve… Much and More.

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